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June 7-9, 2013: A Gathering in the Glen: A look back at a wonderful event.
The event was held at beautiful Camp Frank G. Lumpkin, a Boy Scout camp, located in Lagrange, Ga. From the soaring beamed ceilings in the great hall to the green grass of the four acre open field perfect for archery, heavy fighting and rapier, the site was the perfect setting for a weekend away from mundane life.

Air-conditioned bunk houses and clean restrooms didn't hurt either. **wink**

Facebook page for this event:


Thank you from Syr Raym,

It's all a wonderful memory for those who attended, but thank you all for coming to our event! It will be impossible for me to thank everyone who contributed to our success. But some folks just have to be mentioned, right up front!

Thank you: Darcie J. DesRosiers, Kolfinna InDraumspaka, who got the ball rolling.  Bobby Ratliff, Jake Baker, Charlotte Baker, Meria Willis, Matthew Willis, Steve Allie, Christy Allie, Beverly Bridges, Amelia Caldwell, Joy & Jerry Newsome, Mark Gingery, Doctor Debbie, John Hadacomb, Sir Saavogg, Baron Michel von Grüningen, Maegwynn Attewode, Paula Storey Trueb, Muirghein, Signy, and Kevin, and a host of folks that I haven't mentioned by name!

Thanks for your support during a very trying time in my life, and seeing this event through to the end. You all have made Marion Glen a real shire again! The one it is supposed to be! I wish I could have been there! You folks put on a great event! You all ROCK!

Syr Raym


Thank you from Mistress Gwynna,

Home from Gathering in the Glen, dog fed and loved and scrumpled, and etc, car unloaded, darling hubby called, daiquiri in the freezer, and now relaxing!
Thank you so very much for the outstanding efforts of the members of the Shire of Marion Glen for making our first event in "a day or two" so very noteworthy!!
I also want to give a huge hug and a thank you to some folks outside our shire who helped us:

  • Master Kevin, Mistress Signy, Mistress Muihrenn (sorry! I KNOW I spelled that wrong!) for a great fund raiser lunch. Master Edward for baking the dessert for said lunch, (esp. the oreo ones!).
  • Baron Michel von Gruningen for serving, High Table.
  • Baroness Genvieve (spelling!!!) and THL lady Symonne Dala Fontaine for taking care of Youth activities.
  • Baroness Marie de Kerimure as Hall Steward. Lady Maegwynn Attewode for the Royal Luncheon, Sir Savvog, Lady Generys, and Lord John Haddicombe for overseeing the archery field and allowing me to shoot.
  • Baroness Flannait, Lord Carlos, and Lord Taran for heralding the day. THL Moreg, THL Caitriona the Blind, Mistress Graidhne, THL Symmone, and Mistress Isabella for their scribal talents.

And last but certainly not least; Her Majesty Katerina von Brandenburg for gracing us with Her presence!

I am almost certain I have missed at least one or two people, and for that please accept my deepest apologies, but know you have my heartfelt thanks!!

Mistress Gwynna